Insane asylum part 2 has a hard game


pick 1 player to do it press A

last time finally you meet asylum in time with a giant hammer however asylum in part 1 was killed now asylum is now time to kill you he turns the lights off and opened the gates when you enter the door on the li you see 3 white eyes 1 won't kill you and 2 are kill you in the box asylum was here for 1 second and leave you see falling box when you stuck then asylum was here again in 1 sec then turn to the lift you see you not safe then asylum was here again in 1 sec. ET

asylum parts

part 2,3 1 (in the end)

asylum spawns


in the box

in the box then you stuck


spawns then the 2 dots are spawned

under the lift

up the lift

runs at you


find 6 eyes not the start when you feel about enter the door

if your find all asylum and find 6 eyes I will be your friend