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Trials HD is a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing game with more than 50 tracks in two unique game modes.

A level editor enables players to create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks. The game features stunning high definition graphics, customizable riders, unlockable bikes, global rankings, in-game friend scores, and more.


  • Race Mode emphasizes balance, skill, and control as you tackle indoor obstacle tracks.
  • Skill Mode features extreme skill games in which explosions, crashes, and injuries cannot – and sometimes should not – be avoided.


  • Tons of tracks: Over 50 versatile tracks will test your racing and stunt riding skills.
  • Level sharing: The level editor allows you to create your own levels and share them with other racers.
  • Customization: Unlock new bikes as you ride, and make your rider your own.
  • Leaderboards: Trials HD features a new type of in-game friend scores and global rankings


  • Left Stick: Lean Back or Forward
  • Right Trigger: Accelerate
  • Left Trigger: Brake
  • B Button: Restart from the Last Checkpoint
  • Y Button: Bailout.
  • START Button: Pause the Game
  • BACK Button: Restarts the level

Throughout the levels are Checkpoints, represented by a post with three green lights and a red stick to indicate that the checkpoint is activated. If you make a fault, you can press B to restart the level from the most recent checkpoint that you passed, and the Back button restarts the level completely. Keep in mind that when creating a track, the first checkpoint in the sequence is always the start checkpoint, and the last checkpoint placed is always the finish line.


Trials HD was voted 2009’s ‘Best Overall Arcade Game’ and ‘Best Innovation’ by Xbox Live Arcade players, a prestigious honor awarded directly by the community. It was also nominated the ‘Best Downloadable Game’ at the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival Awards and 'Best Game of 2009' at the Nordic Game conference.

With over a million players worldwide, Trials HD is one of the most popular games on Xbox Live Arcade. It has maintained an average review score of 86 among reviewers and an astounding 92 amongst individual gamers on

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